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Moore Ok Tornado & grandaughters

I am 61 years old and have lived in Oklahoma my entire life.  We are accustomed to tornadoes.  My husband and I listen to the weathermen from the comfort of our recliners.  We never get anxious about the warnings.  Monday afternoon, from my recliner, I watched on T.V. as the Moore tornado went down the street toward my grandaughters' schools.  Words cannot describe the terror I felt not knowing if they were safe. I was bawling and praying at the same time.  I asked God to take me and let them be safe. I knew they usually walked home from school and stayed at home until parents got home from work.  Comfort soared when I knew they were retained at school.  The family franticly sent text messages trying to locate them.  Finally, the 13 year sent a text saying they were in a vehicle heading North away from the tornado. We were all fortunate because they are safe and their home was sparred.  During the moments I did not know if my grandaughters would be ok, I thought, "why didn't I spend more time with them instead of spending so many hours in the bakery?"  Time is a gift; we cannot get back even one minute.

Simple Pleasures

As I stand at the kitchen sink slicing cucumbers for pickles, I glance out the window and see my four-yeat old grandaughter.  She is running through the backyard dragging a paint-roller attached to an extension.  Her long brown hair if floating in the slight breeze as she looks back from time-to-time to see if it is still following her.  She is content to play with this for a few minutes but is delighted by her discovery.  She and her brother Noah can have vivid imaginations and can have fun with the simplest things.  It would be nice to have a movie of all these precious but fleeting moments in time.  The simplest things can make a pure heart content.
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