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Decision to Garden

The first step in planning a garden is to decide if you really want too.  I know that sounds simple, but if you are not emotionally committed to the garden season you will fail.  What is it worth to you to have a garden?  There is a monetary value on a garden. I will talk about that in my next article.  You also have to make a financial and physical commitment.  I can't help you with the physical but will give you tips to save money by selecting cheaper seed catalogues and making your own growing containers.  A garden seems like a romantic, fun idea.  In actuality, a large garden is a lot of work.  After 45 years of gardening, I've learned it usually doesn't go as planned.  For example, the 2015 garden season in SE Oklahoma, was the wettest on record.  In the month of May alone we received over 30 inches of rain.  I couldn't even get in the garden.  Fifty percent  of my organic seedlings died and all my organic seed potatoes rotted in the ground.  The seeds that were planted were buried in mud, never to germinate.  I replanted the Spring garden 3 times.  It never did produce well.  It was very discouraging and expensive.  The stores don't give garden supplies away.  In fact, they loved it because everyone keep buying more seeds to replant.  After much deliberation, I decided to plant a small fall garden just large enough to feed myself and my husband with hopes of excess for canning.  I changed the layout of the fall garden because of the rains.  I placed the rows in different directions to prevent the rain from washing everything away.  Than I used the front end loader on our tractor and made raised beds without lumber.  Not using lumber saves a lot of money.  It worked!  I had buckets of produce. I canned green beans, tomatoes, sweet & dill pickles, zucchini relish and had lots of greens.  I even had excess that I sold at the local farmers market which off-set my numerous planting expenses.  The commitment to grow organic produce for the two of us and our family is worth all the frustration, expense, and physical labor it incurs because I know exactly where our food comes from.  You must answer the question of how important it is to you.

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