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Baby Chick Sleeping on Waterer

I recently incubated 32 fertile eggs from our hens.  It was more time-consuming than I anticipated.  Every day I checked the temperature to make sure it stayed between 97 degrees to 100.  If to cold, the eggs don't hatch and if to hot, the chickens die.  I also had to make sure there was water in the bottom of the incubator to add humidity.  After 21 days, the eggs started to hatch.  When passing by the incubator on my way to the washing machine, I heard chirping. I looked in the incubator and saw nothing but eggs.  Once the chicks start pecking on the shell it actually takes several hours before they hatch but you can hear them chirping away.  That's really good since I thought I was going crazy.  After the chicks hatched and dried, I placed them in a box with a heat lamp also in my laundry room.  I caught this chick sleeping on top of his water container.  The other chick is looking at him like, "dude, what are you doing?"  The chicks have grown enough that I've placed them outside in a pen with another heat lamp.  My second batch of eggs are starting to hatch today.  This is the last batch.  

Check back to hear real stories from our small farm.  As our Organic gardens start to produce, I'll give recipes for each type of vegetables. We also anticipate opening the bakery every Friday so people can purchase Non-Gmo eggs, grass-fed Okla beef, our Organic vegies, and fresh baked bread without preservatives.  We may even have a pick-your-own garden section.  Let me know what you're looking for.  Thanks and talk to you soon, Libby

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