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Although the Bakery is closed for the summer, I am still selling through the Oklahoma Food Coop & the Ada Farmers Market on Saturdays.  A farmers market doesn't sound like a good source of revenue but it is a busy hub of activity.  With good moisture this year, there are alot of farmers selling their produce.  I sell Organic Produce & bread, jams & jellies, bread & butter pickles, etc.  Check out your local Farmers Market.  Speaking of pickles, I made my first batch today.  I grew the cucumbers, bell peppers, & onion and they were all ORGANIC.  I processed 19 pints & 6 quarts.  Quarts sell for $10 and pints for $6.  If you'd like to purchase some just email me at  They're all made in a Okla. health department licensed kitchen.  I also canned 12 pints of tomatoes but they are for our use.  My husband asked me why I do this.  My first response is, "I don't know."  Once I've thought about it I'd have to answer, "because I like to and I know where my food comes from.  It's just in my blood."  In my older age, I've returned to my roots which is farming.  I left the high-paying career behind only to return to the earth.  I love driving the tractor and feeling the steering wheel turn beneath the palms of my hands.  It reminds me of when I was a kid, living on the farm.  I though the farm was pretty boring and actually there wasn't much going on.  You could hear the hum of the tractor in the neighbors field.  You might hear a car coming down the road and you'd know for sure it was coming to your house or the neighbors since the two of us were the only houses on a 2 mile stretch of road.  There are things about our past that need to be preserved or passed on to future generations.  If we don't do it, who will.  We need to know how to make bread and can.  Often we take for granite that our world will always be as it is.  What if it isn't and we have to be more self-reliant.  Will be have the skills to do that?  Oh no, not skills we've learned in college but skills we should have acquired from our ancestors, teachers, somewhere.
Maybe I'll offer classes someday.  Right now I've got gardening to do.  Day light is burning.

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