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Easier Way to Plant 2000 Onions

Till the garden area where you plan on planting.  Make a shallow ditch or furrow and lay the onions on one side of the ditch.  I plant them 2 or 3 inches apart because I'll pull every other one to use as green onions when they get larger.  To cover onions, push the dirt from the other side of the ditch on the onions.  I walk along side the row an use my foot to push the dirt on the onions.  The onions will straighten up as they start growing toward the sun.  This process is easier than making a hole in the soil and pushing 2000 onions in the dirt.

Moore Ok Tornado & grandaughters

I am 61 years old and have lived in Oklahoma my entire life.  We are accustomed to tornadoes.  My husband and I listen to the weathermen from the comfort of our recliners.  We never get anxious about the warnings.  Monday afternoon, from my recliner, I watched on T.V. as the Moore tornado went down the street toward my grandaughters' schools.  Words cannot describe the terror I felt not knowing if they were safe. I was bawling and praying at the same time.  I asked God to take me and let them be safe. I knew they usually walked home from school and stayed at home until parents got home from work.  Comfort soared when I knew they were retained at school.  The family franticly sent text messages trying to locate them.  Finally, the 13 year sent a text saying they were in a vehicle heading North away from the tornado. We were all fortunate because they are safe and their home was sparred.  During the moments I did not know if my grandaughters would be ok, I thought, "why didn't I spend more time with them instead of spending so many hours in the bakery?"  Time is a gift; we cannot get back even one minute.


Companies/people have been posting comments on my website advertising junk.  Some of the comments will contain a dozen email addresses in the comment.  I have changed my blog settings so I have to approve each comment before it is posted to the website.  I pay for my website and will not approve those spam-type comments.  Have a great day.


I'll be teaching & demonstrating basic bread making skills. You'll receive a recipe for white bread & a small loaf of bread for your family to try. I'll share baking secrets that I've learned over the past 40 years. We'll have chicken salad sandwiches on home-made bread, salad & coconut cream pie for lunch. Children 8 & above can enroll in class also. A binder with my recipe & tips will be yours to keep.


I" ve started planting Spring Onions (organic of course).  Because of recent rains the ground was very wet.  I'm not complaining about the moisture because Oklahoma is technically still in a drought.  However, I literally  sunk in the mud and walked out of my shoes. I captured this photo with my cell phone. Thank heavens I already had the ground worked before the rain started or I'd still be waiting to plant onions.
I've also planted kale, romaine lettuce, chard, & broccoli.

Organic Gardening

It's only January, but gardening is a year-round endeavor.  Organic gardeners must plan their gardeners carefully.  Good organic soil is a biological process that takes time and as keepers of the soil we must work with nature.  Last week a farm gal friend hauled a tank-full of cow manure to my farm.  She was on her way to pick up a couple of bulls some place else so we hurriedly unloaded the tank with my small tractor.  The load of manure was almost to heavy for my tractor.  Jess would direct me with hand gestures and I would edge the tractor up to the trailor.  Slowly, inch by inch, the tank of manure was moved until it finally dropped to the ground.  Actually, it was right in the middle of the driveway.  Using the front-end loader on the tractor, I gradually moved the tank of manure to the edge of my garden.  I sacked up goodies from my Bakery for Jess to take with her; bread and cinnamon rolls made from freshly ground organic Oklahoma wheat, jams & jellies made with my organic fruit, green beans from my garden, Hot Pickled Trio, Bread & Butter Pickles, etc.  No money exchanged hands.  You see, we used the old barter system in which one commodity is exchanged for another.  I have alot of farm connections and could find anything we might need if the need arose.  In our modern world we rely on stores to purchase what we want and need.  What if there were a natural disaster or some world event in which you couldn't do that.  Do you have the connections needed to provide for yourself and your family?  If not, you might think about how you could change that.   


The weather last Sunday was predicted to drop below freezing.  I decided to pick 2/3rds of my kale & dehydrate it to prevent a crop loss.  The dehydrated kale processed very nicely and can be used in stews, casseroles, etc. I searched the web for dehydrated kale and didn't find alot. If anyone knows of a good source, please let me know.      

Indoor Gardening

It's been a long growing season but very beneficial.  I've canned, dehydrated, & frooze alot of vegies & fruit.  I've also made alot of jams & jellies.  We use these for our family but I also sell them at the local farmers market and through the Oklahoma food coop.  They'll soon be available on our website. 
I've planted a fall garden but even that will end when it freezes.  We're an hour and a half from a good source of organic produce so I've decided to grown indoors.

Simple Pleasures

As I stand at the kitchen sink slicing cucumbers for pickles, I glance out the window and see my four-yeat old grandaughter.  She is running through the backyard dragging a paint-roller attached to an extension.  Her long brown hair if floating in the slight breeze as she looks back from time-to-time to see if it is still following her.  She is content to play with this for a few minutes but is delighted by her discovery.  She and her brother Noah can have vivid imaginations and can have fun with the simplest things.  It would be nice to have a movie of all these precious but fleeting moments in time.  The simplest things can make a pure heart content.

Farmers Market

Farmers markets are a very good source of locally grown vegetables & produce.  Did you know that the produce your purchase at your local store travels a distance of 1000 miles to get there.  There are many people who handle that produce in transit, not to mention the cleanliness of the transport vehicle.  It does take dedication to get up on a Saturday morning to get to the market but the remarks are great.  It's a proven fact that once the produce is picked, nutitional value starts to decline.  Therefore, you're really not getting the full benefits of fresh produce.  I recently roasted an all-natural whole chicken with potatoes, carrots, squash I'd picked out of the garden that morning.  I also cooked fresh okra with sliced tomatoes--organic and out of my garden the same day.  My husband wasn't real impressed but I know that's as good a meal as it gets.  Plan ahead and purchase fresh produce on sale.  You can freeze it or can it.  We have great deals at our market on produce that has blemishes but is still very good.  Happy fresh eatiing.
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